Atomic- and molecular-scale self assembly for future nanodevices (Brown(S), Hendy)

Our lithography-based approach to nanofabrication is complemented by “bottom up” assembly of nano-devices using self-assembly techniques. The focus of ongoing work is a UHV STM study of the fundamental self-assembly processes of the important bismuth-on-graphite system, where we have demonstrated an ability to self-assemble a variety of nanostructures and to image them with atomic resolution. […]

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Next generation semiconductor materials and devices (Allen, Alkaisi, Markwitz, Zulicke, Blaikie)

These are rapidly gaining an international profile as highly functional materials with the potential to deliver “next generation” semiconductor devices in UV optoelectronics, transparent electronics for solar cells and displays, high frequency/high temperature power electronics, and in nanoarchitecture due to their dramatic range of spontaneous polarisation induced nanostructures. Our semiconductor fabrication expertise gives us the […]

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Theory and modelling of new functionality at the nanoscale (Zulicke, Governale, Hendy)

We plan to elucidate unconventional nanoelectronic properties of small systems arising from size quantisation, correlations, unconventional band structures, and spin-dependent effects. Microscopic modeling of material-growth processes at the nanoscale will be used to inform a more phenomenological description of relevant physical mechanisms. As any useful operation performed by a nanodevice will require time-dependent signals, we […]

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Sub-wavelength patterning with interference lithography (Blaikie, Alkaisi)

Sub-wavelength patterning will be achieved using optical interference lithography (IL), to complement existing electron-beam, nano-imprint and near-field optical nanolithography techniques.  This will bring advantages of simplicity and the ability to pattern over large areas (~cm2), and we will use this technique to provide patterned substrates for other Institute research. Objective 1.  Sub-wavelength patterning with interference […]

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Nanofabrication and Devices

Whilst nanotechnology and the development of advanced materials are tremendously diverse topics, fabrication is the key for engineering devices from new materials.  Be it at the macroscale, the microscale or the nanoscale, the capability to pattern contacts or add structure to devices must be equally supported alongside materials developments and theoretical exploration of new device […]

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