MacDiarmid Professor Shane Telfer helps easing life for asthmatics

Scientists hope to help asthma sufferers and others needing oxygen at home by developing ‘molecular sponges’ with nanoscale-sized pores to purify the air. There’s possibly nothing more frightening than struggling to take a breath. Something asthmatics and others with respiratory diseases know all too well. Many of these people depend on portable oxygen concentrators, small […]

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Objective 2: Tools for the Nanoscale

“Tools for the Nanoscale” is concerned with developing a set of novel tools and measurement platforms specifically to explore the mechanical properties of soft interfaces and how these translate into response and control of living cells. The tools will be used to explore the properties of the structures we make and to provide design data […]

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Objective 1: Synthesis and Assembly

The first objective in our Functional nanostructures science area “Synthesis and Assembly”, is directed at making the basic functional units then assembling these into the hierarchically-organised multi-functional product. This objective requires research on the assembly of macromolecules, both natural and synthetic, and the way in which such assemblies can organise smaller molecules that carry the […]

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