Building collaborations and partnerships and defining our future

Building collaborations and partnerships and defining our future

The Forum is a partnership between the MacDiarmid Institute, Victoria University of Wellington, the Royal Society of New Zealand and Te Aitanga a Hauiti iwi and the East Coast community of Tolaga Bay. Sir Paul Callaghan conceived the idea of the Forum and drove it. He envisioned an event in which collectively we considered New Zealand’s future incorporating our combined history, resources, advantages, science and our peoples. 

Topics will be introduced and discussions led by New Zealand’s most inspirational and influential leaders across environmental, cultural and science spectrums, with consideration to how we can creating a sustainable prosperity.

We are fortunate to have several people in the Institute who will be participating in the Forum. Principal Investigators, Professor David Williams, University of Auckland, Professor Simon Hall, Massey University, Dr Ben Ruck, Victoria University of Wellington, Drs Geoff Willmott and Nicola Gaston, IRL. Associate Investigators, Drs Natalie Plank and John Watt, Victoria University of Wellington. Alumni, Dr Andrew Preston, Publons and PhD student Elf Eldridge. Our Chair Dr Steve Thompson and Board members Professors David Bibby and Charles Daugherty, Victoria University of Wellington along with the Management Team Shaun, Simon, Emily and Sarah will be there.

We have also ensured that participation in the Forum can happen even if people are not attending. The Forum will be webcast live, through our website thanks to the generous sponsorship of MSI and this will act as the conduit to Pounamu our online future’s game, which will run in parallel with the Forum with the two feeding into each other. The idea of running the game was Shaun’s. The game will be targeted at high school students, though it is open to everyone and the most popular outcomes will be moved forward culminating in a presentations to a judging panel.

So check out the Forum and the game and encourage others to do so as well as we define our shared future.

Enjoy the weekend everyone