Bright Ideas Funding

Bright Ideas Funding


A freshly formed “bright idea” is often very delicate and it needs time to develop before it enters a rigorous selection process.

MacDiarmid Institute Bright Ideas funding is designed to responsively support early stage ideas with a maximum of flexibility and a minimum of bureaucracy. We want to support “bright ideas” to the stage where they are well-formed enough to evaluate what the correct “next stage” is: for example, some might enter the MacDiarmid commercial assessment process, while others might need more technical development but be suitable for MBIE funding..

Examples of what the funding may be used for (but not limited to) include:

  • A brief proof of concept e.g. We can make wonderful molecular ropes – can we tether enzymes with them?
  • Prototype development e.g. Purchasing the parts to make a wall climbing robot


To apply for funding simply fill out the Bright Ideas application form below.  The process will be competitive and it is possible that short listed applicants will be contacted to obtain a better understanding of the project end point and the assistance that may be needed.

Please feel free to contact a MacDiarmid Commercial Co-ordinator to discuss your bright idea before you submit your completed application.

North Island: Anne Barnett  Tel 04 381 4443  Mob 022 1088 110

South Island: Bill Swallow Tel 03 364 2987 ext 7463.

Applications closed