The Best 100 Science Experiments

The Best 100 Science Experiments

The MacDiarmid Institute in conjunction with (what was previously) The New Zealand Teachers Council and NZEI Te Riu Roa run regularly scheduled competitions to find the The Best 100 Science Experiments for Kiwi classrooms. Primary School teachers from around the country entered their experiments, with the chance of winning a place in this “Experiment Bank”. Here you will find resources for teachers and students for a great range of experiments. The competition will run again this year, with 100 experiments being the end goal.

Nature of Science is the overarching, unifying strand of the New Zealand Science Curriculum. Through ‘Nature Of Science’ students learn what science is and how scientists work. You can find Nature of Science information and resources here.  

Physical World 
The physical world strand provides explanations for a wide range of physical phenomena, including light, sound, heat, electricity, magnetism, waves, forces, and motion, united by the concept of energy, which is transformed from one form to another without loss.

Physical World Experiments:

Sandwich Bag Magic

Cricket Stump Pulleys

Straw Flutes

Separation of Substances

Rainbow Milk

Ice Babies

Hovering Butterflies

What is air pressure?


Material World The material world strand involves the study of matter and the changes it undergoes. In their study of chemistry, students develop understandings of the composition and properties of matter, the changes it undergoes, and the energy involved. 

Material World Experiments:

Elephant Toothpaste

Green Eggs and Ham

Bottle Rockets

Borax Snowflakes

Separation of Substances

Rainbow Milk


Oobleck Boogie

Ice Babies

Leaping Canisters

Naked Egg