Asian Science Camp 2009

Asian Science Camp 2009

The MacDiarmid Institute sponsored two students to attend the Asian Science Camp held in Tsukuba in August this year, they are Georgia Stewart, Wellington East Girls’ College and Hugh McHugh, Lindisfarne College, Hawkes Bay.

I spent a week attending lectures given by Nobel laureates on subjects as diverse as ‘astronomical telescopes’ and ‘symmetry in physics,’ and as complex as ‘the fate of antimatter’, and ‘neutrino, neutrino and neutrino,’ subjects on which I would never be given the opportunity to study at school. Although a lot of the science was above my head, I still learnt a lot, and the environment in which I learnt will help me enormously with university study next year. – Georgia.

Georgia, with the poster her group prepared and two group members.

Comments from Georgia and Hugh:

There were students from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Egypt, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and probably even more countries that I have forgotten. Talking to some of these people made it very clear that the way of life we enjoy in New Zealand is very special and that we enjoy luxuries that are just not found in other parts of the world. I also learned much about some of the other cultures of the world. There is so much about the trip that I cannot give justice in an essay. I had an amazing experience and I learned, saw, heard and tasted things that I will never forget.

The poster that Hugh’s group prepared.


Hugh and a member of his group.