This is the MacDiarmid 2018 annual report. The report as a whole can be accessed here (pdf)
Links to individual articles are below.


Co-Directors’ report

Chair’s report

1 Out of the lab

New batteries, three approaches

When physics meets biochemistry

Annual symposium poster series

Feeling the force of fungi to stop it killing our forests

Biomaterials as surgical tool

Virtual material

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs)

Examining the nano-environment between cancer cells

Connecting with researchers at UCLA

New Associate Investigators

New stakeholder relations partner iwi

New Principal Investigators

Independent Post-doctoral Fellows

The changing face of the MacDiarmid Institute

MacDiarmid Institute publication trends

The continued impact of our research

Funding successes


2 Into the marketplace

Impact data


Case studies

Meeting unmet technology needs

Patents and Spinouts

3 Into the community

Partnering to deepen and further our engagement

Public engagement events

Exploring synergies between two knowledge systems

Showcasing Science

Taking hi-tech stories to museums

Materialise sustainable future forum

Existing partnerships

House of Science

Nano Girl

Inspire festival

KĊrero partnership

Dancing with Atoms

Sunsmart science for schools

Space and Science Festival

DiscoveryCamp and NanoCamp

Industry pathways

German delegation



Partnering with the Spinoff

4 Into the future

Future Leaders Programme

Alumni stories

Business scholarship recipients

5 Into the metrics

Journal covers


At a glance

Board, executive, staff and students