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Strategic Plan 2015
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The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology is a national network of leading New Zealand scientists. The Institute leverages strengths across the country and internationally, working collaboratively utilising a programme-based approach to undertake harder, higher level research that drives innovation and economic growth in and for relevant New Zealand industries. The research undertaken by Institute investigators includes but is not restricted to generating new knowledge in electronic and photovoltaic materials with tailored performance, nanoporous materials for energy- and environment-related applications, functional nanomaterials inspired by biology, or manufactured using biology, for advanced applications in energy, medicine and sensing, and new nano-tools for cellular studies. We build materials and devices from atoms and molecules, developing and applying cutting-edge techniques in physics, chemistry and engineering. We capture our diversity to create benefit and build strength. We train entrepreneurial and socially-aware young scientists, many of whom go on to work in industry or start their own companies, in a culture of excellence and collaboration. Through sharing the results of our scientific research with the public and with Government, we are inspiring researchers and working to generate a nationwide culture change where science and innovation are celebrated as the keys to New Zealand’s future prosperity. Our research will deliver important elements of the disruptive science that will underpin the future of technological development that will be on par with, for example smart device systems that have already transformed how people live their lives.

Our Vision


Our Mission
To deliver excellent scientific research and education

To deliver excellent scientific research and education

Creative, ambitious, innovative research in advanced materials and nanotechnology

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To forge New Zealand’s future leaders

To forge New Zealand’s future leaders

Scientifically astute, entrepreneurial and socially aware leaders   Read More  

To inspire New Zealanders

To inspire New Zealanders

Engendering passion for science and innovation across society   Read More  

To advance a new future for New Zealand

To advance a new future for New Zealand

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Our Values
Our Partnership Strategic Goals

By working cooperatively, within the framework of the MacDiarmid Institute, our partners will:


  • collaborate to ensure that the MacDiarmid Institute spearheads a greater international prominence and increased international linkages for New Zealand materials science and nanotechnology;
  • collaborate to utilise the different strengths and competitive advantages of each of the partners to reduce barriers, upskill partners and maximise research translation; and
  • collaborate to provide mechanisms that create a sustainable well used research infrastructure that serves the community of research providers.

Together these will enable the MacDiarmid Institute to have impact both nationally and internationally and work to benefit materials science and nanotechnology research within the partners and in New Zealand.  

Our 6 Year Outcomes


  1. Growing New Zealand’s human capital and innovation potential:
  • Delivering research outcomes that define both the benchmark for excellence and the knowledge frontier in advanced materials and nanotechnology;
  • Creating a culture of research excellence that attracts and retains the very best national and international talent in advanced materials and nanotechnology science and its application;
  • Delivering graduates who are highly-sought after by the high value manufacturing sector by adding value to our tertiary education partner programmes through targeted training programmes for our emerging scientists that will improve the commercial skills, knowledge and aspirations of PhD graduates and postdoctoral fellows in advanced materials and nanotechnology, training and mentoring them in IP and commercial assessment, technology transfer and research commercialisation;
  • Enhancing direct participation and achievement in science and technology by Māori, through further developing our Discovery Awards into a national programme, utilising community science programmes and developing Kōrero ki te Kaipūtaiao a targeted programme for Māori teachers and learners; and
  • Strengthening knowledge sharing, research translation and utilisation of capability in advanced materials and nanotechnology by partnering with government, industry and tertiary education organisations to create a strong network of practitioners.


  1. Influencing societal change:
  • Improving science literacy, involvement in physical sciences throughout New Zealand society and enhancing the New Zealand public’s perceptions of the value of physical sciences for New Zealand by delivering targeted outreach (e.g. Kōrero with Scientists, Media MasterClass) and engagement (e.g. public forums) activities, valued by participants; and
  • Provide a well-informed evidence base that is a resource for government policy development and public debate on matters relating to advanced materials and nanotechnology and their future implications for society.


  1. Generating Economic Impact:
  • Exploiting IP generated from our research outcomes in advanced materials and nanotechnology to create differentiating products or lead to opening new markets by actively working with research, commercialisation and industry partners within New Zealand; and
  • Providing pathways for aspiring science entrepreneurs to enter into or start a business by working with partner organisations.

The MacDiarmid Institute is a partnership between five Universities and two Crown Research Institutes. Our Investigators are based in Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin.