Teamwork facilitates a detailed pressure-induced spin crossover study

Teamwork facilitates a detailed pressure-induced spin crossover study

Our team around Principal Investigator Sally Brooker, Associate Investigator Geoff Jameson and Emeritus Investigator Jeff Tallon took on the challange and investigated a first row transition metal complex upon their spin states under the influence of external stimuli such as pressure and temperature.

When the ligand field in octahedral d4-d7 first row transition metal complexes is just right, not too big and not too small, the application of an external stimulus can cause the complex to switch between the low spin and high spin states, an event known as spin crossover. Most commonly, change in temperature is used as the stimulus, but we are also able to examine in detail the effects of applying pressure as the stimulus. This study, monitoring [CoII(dpzca)2] under pressure, gives unique insight into the interplay between phase transition and hysteretic SCO, and shows that we can tune the abrupt SCO over a wide range of temperature and pressure space, including room temperature.

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