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Current PhD Scholarships

    There are currently no PhD studentships available     The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology is New Zealand’s premier research organisation in materials science and nanotechnology. PhD studentships are now open across our research areas and partnership institutions. Successful candidates will become members of the MacDiarmid Institute, a national Centre of Research […]

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Protein Nano-LEGO

“We are really interested in making things smaller these days,” says PhD student Amy Yewdall from the University of Canterbury. “And we’re thinking of proteins as a nanomaterial that we can use as building blocks for future machines, so you’ve got nanomachines that we can make, or biosensors.” In particular, Amy is working with proteins called […]

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Fish Eyes Used to Detect Disease

University of Canterbury researchers (lead byThe MacDiarmid Institute’s Juliet Gerrard) are using discarded fish eyes to help develop sensors that will detect health problems in humans. SOURCE: The Press Read More

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Control at the Nanoscale

Quantum Mechanics Enables Control at the Nanoscale Self-assembly is vital in order to enable industrial scale manufacturing on the atomic scale, because existing technologies usually rely on processes that involve manipulation of tiny individual building blocks. Those processes are time consuming and therefore expensive. The experimental work was done by Postdoctoral researcher Pawel Kowalczyk and […]

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