Noble Bond

Noble Bond

Bonding silver and gold to wool at the molecular level, Noble Bond supplies and licenses scientific treatments and brands for use by woollen textile manufacturers and dyers. 

Silver treatment brand NgaPure gives wool anti-microbial properties meeting a growing need by public transport, medical and active wear markets to reduce the spread of germs and viruses. Gold brand Aulana brings a unique, and desirable quality to luxury wool markets.

Noble Bond Ltd is the start-up company set up by Jim Johnston (Victoria University of Wellington) and MacDiarmid Institute alumna Dr Kerstin Lucas,  to commercialise a range of luxury yarns that blend nanoparticles of gold and silver with merino wool and other New Zealand natural fibres. The company produces a boutique range of wool textiles whose colour depends on the size of the metal particle. Using the same technology, Noble Bond has developed a durable, environmentally low-impact, antimicrobial textile product for use in the mass public transport and medical markets. Successful scale-up on standard commercial equipment has been demonstrated and licensing deals for manufacture negotiated.

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