Change in leadership sees MacDiarmid Institute head in new direction

Chair of the MacDiarmid Institute Board, Paul Atkins, today announced the appointment of Associate Professor Nicola Gaston and Associate Professor Justin Hodgkiss as Co-Directors of the Institute. “I’m delighted to see both Associate Professor Gaston and Associate Professor Hodgkiss take up the roles of Co-Director of the MacDiarmid Institute.  Both have long experience as MacDiarmid […]


Productivity Commission cites MacDiarmid Institute as key organisation contributing to low emissions materials and technologies

MacDiarmid Institute welcomes Productivity Commission Report on Low Emissions Economy MacDiarmid Deputy Director Dr Geoff Willmott today welcomed the Productivity Commission Report on Low Emissions Economy. The report notes the MacDiarmid Institute has research strength in this area. “We welcome the Commission’s call for more research into low-emissions research and development. The report correctly identifies […]


Call for new Associate Investigators

Call for new Associate Investigators (AIs) The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology   Deadline: 10th May 2018   The MacDiarmid Institute invites applications for new Associate Investigators (AIs).   Selection criteria: All investigators have to support and implement the vision and mission of the MacDiarmid Institute; AIs have to contribute to one or […]

Micronutrient profiling of human breast-milk derived exosomes

Frontiers in Genetics paper about studying exosomes derived from human breast milk from MacDiarmid alumni and VUW lecturer Dr Renee Goreham and MacDiarmid PI Professor Thomas Nann. More info: A collaborative review article on exosomes found in breastmilk, paying particular attention to the proteomics and biochemistry. This review was motivated by the research interests […]

MacDiarmid Institute Equity Policy

MacDiarmid Institute Equity Policy. Read More (opens pdf)


Call for Personal Post-Doctoral Fellowships by 10th April 2018

Call for Personal Post-Doctoral Fellowships The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology Deadline: 10 th April 2018 The MacDiarmid Institute invites applications for new Personal Post-Doctoral Fellowships. Up to five positions are available in this round of funding. Funding will be awarded for a fixed term, full-time (37½ hour week) position with the employment […]


Harvard Professor Daniel Nocera – Fuels to Food from Sunlight, Air, and Water

Harvard Professor and MacDiarmid Institute International Science Board member Dan Nocera talk at the Royal Society: Fuels to Food from Sunlight, Air, and Water. 20 February 2018. Read more at RadioNZ and TheSpinoff.                      Professor Nocera’s talk at the Royal Society


MacDiarmid Professor Shane Telfer helps easing life for asthmatics

Scientists hope to help asthma sufferers and others needing oxygen at home by developing ‘molecular sponges’ with nanoscale-sized pores to purify the air. There’s possibly nothing more frightening than struggling to take a breath. Something asthmatics and others with respiratory diseases know all too well. Many of these people depend on portable oxygen concentrators, small […]

Jenny Malmström on RadioNZ

Associate Investigator Jenny Malmstrom talks to RadioNZ about stem cells, implants and materials science. Read more


Women in Nanoscience

In the light of the MacDiarmid regional lecture series we gathered some pieces where women in Nanoscience tell their stories: Dr Carla Meledandri Professor Cather Simpson

AMN8: The Solar Revolution

Oxford Prof Henry Snaith and VUW Assoc Prof Justin Hodgkiss discuss ‘The Solar Revoluation’ to the Royal Society in Wanaka, February 2017

AMN8: Women in Nanoscience

Women in Nanoscience talk  about their lives and work at the AMN8 Women in Nanoscience panel, February 2017


Mapping our Spin-outs, and other stories – read our 2016 Annual Report

The MacDiarmid Institute 2016 Annual Report    0.1 Director’s report 0.2 Chair’s report 1.1 Materials to combat our changing climate 1.2 Tomorrow’s Computers 1.3 Every atom counts 1.4 Nanotech at the heart of medicine 1.5 Materials stars 1.6 Emeritus Investigators 2.1 Bridging the gap 2.2 Mapping our spin-outs 3.1 Extending our engagement – taking Kōrero […]


MacDiarmid Alumni News – start-ups, rocket launches and more

A new line of news articles that address the stories of MacDiarmid alumni is launched and can be found here or among the Newsroom categories above.   Picture Source: Nasa


Industry speed-dating – video and media coverage

The Interface Industry Challenge is a new joint initiative conceived by the MacDiarmid Institute and the Dodd-Walls Centre, under which scientists from two Centres of Research Excellence (CoREs) tackle real world problems faced by New Zealand companies. “We wanted to extend our partnerships with industry. Asking industry to set problems for the Dodd-Walls Centre and […]

Nanodiamonds may replace common techniques to administer drugs

Amanda Barnard, speaker at AMN8 Queenstown, works on how nanodiamonds may be used to control where and how much of a drug is administered within the human body. Read more

AMN8 Outreach

680 secondary school students came along to hear and be inspired by David Leigh in Christchurch. An enthusiastic crowd of 200 people turned up to listen to Henry Snaith and Justin Hodgkiss at the Royal Society in Wanaka. Shotover Primary School kids loved having Albert Folch along, teaching science through soccer. The Women in Science […]


TV clip – women nanoscientists at AMN8

Channel 39 clip features women nanoscientists at AMN8 – ‘Scientists flock to Queenstown for biggest conference in Southern Hemisphere’. Read more

Nanoparticles may be used as drug carriers within the human body

Silvia Giordani, speaker at AMN8 Queenstown, works on nanoparticles and their medical applications. Read more