Science Savvy 2023



The game is over, but the conversation is just starting - check out the blog for prize winners and read through the amazing blog posts that helped shape the conversation. Thank you to all our players! The full conversation will be available to download in CSV file shortly.

Dion O'Neale from Callaghan Innovation has very kindly produced some incredible network visualisations of the top conversations. You can explore them here!


For a full media release and a list of media coverage check out Pounamu in the Media


Pounamu was collaboration between the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology,  StratEDGY Strategic Foresight and Professor Shaun Hendy, winner of the Prime Minister’s Science Media Communication prize and author of Get Off The Grass. The game was run with the support of the Institute for the Future on their ‘Foresight Engine’.


Pounamu was a free, online game set in a future world where EVERYONE in New Zealand can use science as easily as they can use a computer now. Anyone was welcome to play; from primary school students to research scientists, from young entrepreneurs to kuia and koro. You could play from anywhere with an internet connection for your browser. As a country, we have some big choices to make and Pounamu offered the ability to explore hundreds of paths forward. There were some public playing hubs in libraries, museums and other places where players could drop in and get the hang of playing and share the experience with others.

The game ran from noon-noon NZST 29th and 30th August 2013 allowing New Zealanders all over the world to contribute.

Mātini māmano ka rapa te whai.
By many, by thousands, the work (project) will be accomplished.


Players posted micro-forecasts (concise ideas - 140 characters, like twitter) of future possibilities and built on, or reshaped other players’ ideas. Thousands of possible futures were explored. Players gained points and moved up the game leader-board by posting ideas that create more discussion, contributing interesting ideas to the game and winning awards. 



Pounamu had ’hubs’ scattered around the country on game days, so players who wanted to play in teams, or didn'thave access to the internet, or just wanted to play in a social environment, had the opportunity to do so.  We thank all of our hubs for their support.


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