The MacDiarmid Regional Lecture Series

Little Materials, Big Stories – Women Nanoscientists tell their stories (July-October 2017) The 2017 MacDiarmid Institute Regional Lecture Series has now finished.  These free public talks in six locations around New Zealand (Tauranga, Napier, Whanganui, Nelson, Wanaka and Oamaru) discussed the realities of life as a scientist and the research in the MacDiarmid Institute – […]



Applications for January 2018 NanoCamp are now closed.    This event will run again in January 2019; please check back here mid-2018 for more details      


DiscoveryCamp – Te Tohu Huraina

  Applications for January 2018 DiscoveryCamp are now closed.    This event will run again in January 2019; please check back here mid-2018 for more details Watch the short video the January 2018 DiscoveryCamp students made here.     Find out more – The Spinoff article August 2017 Mana Magazine article November 2016  January 2015 […]


Watch the MacDiarmid Regional Lecture Series 2016

MacDiarmid scientist talk in this series of lectures about the bigger picture of materials science. The lecture are held at various locations in New Zealand.


MESA – 3 Minute Research Video Competition

Are you savvy in Science Communication and want to show the world?  MESA 3 minute science video competition – $1000 in prizes to be won. Find out more here.


SANZ-O-MAG2 workshop

The second SANZMAG workshop, SANZ-O-MAG2, will be hosted by the University of Otago from Wednesday 8 to Friday 10 February 2017. The aim of SANZMAG conferences is to bring together researchers, especially from Australia and New Zealand, who have an interest in molecular magnetism. Whether you’re a magnetochemist in an established group, or an honours […]


Rare Earth Nitrides

Rare Earth Nitrides: The New Kids On The Block For Semiconductor Spintronics   The rare earth nitrides (RENs) are almost unique materials, displaying the properties of both semiconductors and magnets, even in their intrinsic state. They offer opportunities across a broad range of electronic-optical technologies and “spintronics” applications, an emerging energy-saving branch of electronics which […]


NMR diffusometry for porous media research

Dr Petrik Galvosas Victoria University of Wellington Studying molecular motion with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is nearly as old as the discovery of NMR itself [1]. However, with the introduction of so called pulsed magnetic field gradients [2] NMR became a highly versatile tool for studying diffusion and flow in many areas such as physics, […]