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Open Call for New Principal Investigators

The greatest advantage that the MacDiarmid Institute can generate for New Zealand is best achieved by ensuring that the Principal Investigators represent the collection of New Zealand-based scientists who have the capacity, capabilities and experience to deliver outcomes against our strategic goals.  The rejuvenation of the MacDiarmid Institute achieved via our periodic reviews and open calls allows us to target and tailor the cohort of Principal Investigators to optimise our collaborative strengths and our collective advances both in the immediate term and moving into the future.

The best utilisation of New Zealand’s resource infrastructure and therefore the greatest impact nationally and internationally is achieved by the MacDiarmid Institute having the most advantageous combination of Principal Investigators possible from both breadth and depth perspectives across all four of our strategic areas.  Our ability to sustain this high level of impact and to evolve is achieved by considering the criteria defining our strategic areas in combination with our demographic mix across experience, expertise, potential and geography, ultimately giving us the capacity for high performance, flexibility, adaptability and growth.

The process of reviewing and renewing is always challenging in a limited resources environment.  Many of New Zealand’s high calibre scientists will not retain or achieve Principal Investigator status at the end of the process being undertaken this year.  The Institute will have entered its next phase of development needed to maintain its validity and viability in the New Zealand context and in delivering on the Vision.


Our Commercialisation Operational Plan led by our Deputy Director Commercialisation and Industry Engagement, Professor Simon Brown (University of Canterbury) has entered its next phase.  Two Commercialisation Coordinators have been engaged: Dr Anne Barnett ( and Professor Bill Swallow (  Anne is based in Wellington and Bill is based in Christchurch.  Anne and Bill will be working with our Investigators, students and Post-doctoral fellows, through workshops and commercial scoping projects.  We look forward to a successful year of proactive advancement of our commercialisation potential.  Congratulations to Simon for all his hard work in this area and activating the operational plan.

A healthy crop of papers to look at this week.  Have a great weekend

Regards, Kate

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