Secret Life of Inorganic Polymers




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Inorganic polymers, also called geopolymers, are being increasingly used as ecologically-friendly substitutes for Portland cement, in waste remediation applications and as fireproof building materials. However, interesting aspects of their chemistry enables other functionalities to be built into them, opening up a range of less-well known possibilities. These include electronic composites with carbon nanotubes, photoactive composites with metal oxide nanoparticles, bioactive materials, drug delivery agents, dye carrying media, novel chromatography media, precursors for oxide or non-oxide ceramics, fluorescent materials, novel catalysts, sold-state hydrogen storage media, nanoporous materials and new fibre-reinforced composites.

This talk will discuss the range of possibilities for these interesting materials with reference to their functionalization for some of these more novel applications.

Talk by Professor Kenneth J.D. MacKenzie, MacDiarmid Institute Emeritus Investigator.


Victoria University of Wellington, RB901
University of Otago, please use Scopia Desktop
University of Auckland, Chemistry, Room 301-411
Massey University, please use Scopia Desktop
Callaghan Innovation – Gracefield Campus, C-Block Meeting Room
University of Canterbury – Psychology 164

If you are unable to attend at one of the above locations the seminar can be viewed via Scopia Desktop