Intrinsic Electron Quantum Well States in Solids




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We have measured a set of unusual electron states in the conduction band of this material.  The states are observed for a relatively narrow range of photon excitation energies and electron momenta, they are located only near the Fermi level, EF, and they are nested around the Brillouin zone center.  The states are associated with an electron accumulation layer at the surface, and we have discovered that these are in fact intrinsic quantum well states.  We also measured the Fermi surface of the quantum well states, as well as their constant binding energy contours below EF.  The discovery of intrinsic quantum well states has been verified by our subsequent studies of CdO, and ZnO.  Finally, the states at the top of the InN valence band were found to be modified by the confining quantum well potential, and exhibit a classic inverted band structure at zone center, a phenomenon usually associated with engineered semiconducting quantum well states.

A talk by Professor Kevin E. Smith
School of Chemical Sciences, University of Auckland,
Department of Physics and Department of Chemistry, Boston University



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