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Novel Nanogold Coloured and Antimicrobial Silver Woollen Textiles: The Journey of Discovery, the Nanoscience and Pathway to Commercialisation

A talk by Professor Jim Johnston
MacDiarmid Institute of Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington
Noble Bond Ltd

The chemical affinity of gold and silver for sulfur and nitrogen provided the opportunity to bind nanogold and silver onto the amino acids of wool fibres to produce novel hybrid materials which combine the surface plasmon resonance optical properties of nanogold and the inherent antimicrobial properties of silver.

Our AulanaTMand NgaPureTM products innovatively combine the nanoscience of gold with wool fibre proteins to produce a boutique colour range of novel nanogold-wool textiles (Aulana) and also through the use of silver to impart durable and highly effective antimicrobial properties to woollen textiles (NgaPure) respectively. Aulana has captured the exciting and unique opportunity whereby the prestige and high value of gold are linked to the high quality of New Zealand wool through the use of the surface plasmon resonance colours of nanogold, to provide novel stable colourfast colourants. The nanogold and silver entities are chemically bound to the wool fibres. Noble Bond Ltd, a new start-up company is commercialising Aulanaproducts for use in luxury apparel, upholstery textiles, rugs and carpets, and the NgaPure antimicrobial treatment technology for woollen products for use in transport and public seating upholstery, furnishing textiles and carpets. This utilises innovative science and technology as well as Noble Bond’s New Zealand and international network of manufacturing and retail businesses in the wool and fashion industry chain who are seeking a competitive advantage through innovation.

This talk will present a journey through discovery, development and commercialisation of Aulana and NgaPure and some of the challenges encountered along the way.


Victoria University of Wellington, AMB101 – note room change this month
University of Otago, please use Scopia Desktop
University of Auckland, 23 Symonds St, GO61, Chemistry Building 301
Massey University, please use Scopia Desktop
Callaghan Innovation – Gracefield Campus, C-Block Meeting Room
University of Canterbury – KA04 – note room change this month

If you are unable to attend at one of the above locations the seminar can be viewed via Scopia Desktop