Engender Technologies

Engender Technologies

Engender is an early-stage startup funded jointly by venture capital investors and University of Auckland Uniservices. It is based on the work of Cather Simpson on high-resolution microfabrication, and laser-based manipulation techniques for small organisms. 

Other work on microfabrication and manipulation of small organisms, developed through MacDiarmid Institute collaborations, is being commercialised through University of Auckland Uniservices.

“Cather’s team has produced a device 
for sperm selection in agriculture, using microfluidic technology to manipulate
 and sort the sperm for the artificial insemination of cows, sheep and cattle,
in a way that avoids the more damaging steps in the current ‘flow-cytometry’approach and therefore is more cost- effective. The device is being patented and developed by spin-off company Engender Technologies.” – Read more


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