“We want to be an instrument for better air — by changing the way companies, people and governments measure air quality.”

“Our specialty is to offer accurate, real-time measurements using robust and cost effective instruments. Our design philosophy says that measurement data should be captured, logged, transmitted and displayed in a way that is most convenient for the end user.”

Aeroqual was founded in 2001 to exploit the expertise of David Williams (University of Auckland) in gas sensors and instruments. This technology was brought to New Zealand by Williams; the MacDiarmid Institute played a critical part in fostering this technology transfer and Institute research on nanoparticles and microfabrication has contributed significantly to the growth and technology base of the company. The company now employs 20, including 3 PhD graduates, exports to 50 countries and turns over $4 M p.a. In 2013, Air Quality Ltd was formed to exploit MacDiarmid Institute expertise in air quality sensor networks and their management. With private investors and the University of Auckland as a minority stakeholder, this company currently employs four PhD graduates and is cash-flow positive in its first year of operation.

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